YouTube on Rahul Gandhi

We’re all busy. Very busy. At work, at school, with families, with friends, planning parties, buying cars [*giggle*], paying debt, raging over the weather, spilling coffee, and a whole bunch of other things.

In the last few days, I’ve gotten rather busy too. And in the bargain, I missed out on listening to the much hyped speech Rahul Gandhi delivered as the Vice President of Congress, in Jaipur.

Thank heavens for YouTube!

I got a few minutes to spare this morning and decided to finally look the speech up on YouTube.

I have nothing against, nor for the party or the person. I know very little about both to be able to form an opinion.

I’d like to add that at this stage, I’m only halfway through the 40 minute long video of his speech, but it was in the third minute of his address that something rather…*ahem*…strange caught my eye.

I had to take a screenshot and write about it. Just had to.


click on the image to see a larger version

What’re you trying to tell me, YouTube? Are you making a statement on Rahul Gandhi? ARE YOU? Is this your take on him? Eh? EH?

*looks on with a straight face*

And you thought this post was going to be about the actual speech. Heh!



Angered, hurt, furious, helpless, desperate, apathetic, revolting, inhumane…these are just a few of the many words that we’ve read and reread in the past few weeks in news stories, social media updates, blogs, and editorials.

The following words by Ned Vizzini from ‘It’s Kind of a Funny Story’ spring to my mind when I think of the events that have shaken 1.2 billion people in the largest democracy in the world:

“I didn’t want to wake up. I was having a much better time asleep. And that’s really sad. It was almost like a reverse nightmare, like when you wake up from a nightmare you’re so relieved. I woke up into a nightmare.”

A new year is merely a change of date. There is nothing new it brings, unless there is a conscious resolve to do so…to bring about a change.

Let us hope that in 2013, we all make a conscious decision to stand up for every human being’s rights, to stand up against violence towards anyone, stand up against violence of any kind, and pledge to never say ‘This isn’t my fight’.

Because it is. It is my fight and it is yours.

ImageImage source

On a slightly somber note this year, albeit from the heart,

I wish you a prosperous and joyous 2013.

The gift of observation

This is what happens when 10 year old pieces of papers with long forgotten scribblings on them materialize out of thin air.




Observation is a gift. Or a curse.

Depends on how you view it, I guess. Actually, it depends upon the situation you’re observing under. For instance, it depends upon whether you’re observing out of sheer lack of anything else to do over a cup of extra sweet, luke-warm cappuccino, or if you’re observing while waiting for someone to show up, who would have arrived an hour ago if they had any sense of time at all.

In either scenario, I’ve come to realize that eventually boredom or frustration leads to an intense amount of concentration on behalf of the observer, wherein he / she ends up taking in their surroundings to such an extent that a carelessly ignored receipt floating on a puddle of freshly-settled rain water under a table in an outdoor coffee shop when picked up by the janitor or crushed under a chair by a casual, unintentional nudge of a passerby’s foot causes mayhem in the observer’s world.


Unfinished. Because the person I was waiting for arrived.

Happy 65th, India!



As a generation that was born post independence, our lack of appreciation for our birth right is…understandable, I suppose. As is our scepticism, our anger, our apathy, our utter disbelief at how things happen in the world’s largest democracy.

And yet, there is something so promising about her potential. There is so much that a nation as special as ours can achieve.

We just need to give her a chance. We need to give ourselves a chance.

On this day, I salute India’s potential. I salute those who believe in her. I salute those who believe in us.

Happy 65th, India!