Forever, Steve Jobs


I bought my first Apple product, an iPod back in 2007. I have never picked up another mp3 player and I’ve gone through 3 iPods since.

Not because the older ones weren’t working anymore. Oh no! Apple makes products for life. And that’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt since 2007. My reasons for having moved from one to the other iPod was just the requirement – more space, more features, so on and so forth.

Last year around this time I bought my first MacBook. Yes, I’d used iMacs when they’d come out in their funky colors what now seems like a lifetime ago, but I’d never owned one.

I’d been missing you.

Of course I realized this belatedly, but I did realize it.

It is over-rated? Some say so. Is it worth the damn hype? I say: every last bit.

Having been a PC user for almost 15 years and having transitioned to Apple in the smoothest way possible is something I had never imagined. And yet, here I am.

And it is in this past year that I have truly understood the genius behind Apple.

And the man behind that genius: Steve can-do Jobs. The life, vision and enigma that this man created can be seen with the millions of Tweets, Facebook updates and ‘RIP’ messages floating around. And yet, nothing compares to the subtle yet profound tribute to him on Google’s homepage:

You changed the way the world perceived technology and you’re probably the only reason Apple is what it is today. Here’s hoping you find peace wherever you are, Steve Jobs.

iSalute you, your life and the legacy you’ve left behind.

In every Apple product, within every half-eaten-apple logo you’ll live. Forever.

Rest in peace.


2 thoughts on “Forever, Steve Jobs

  1. If you watch some of his speeches like the Stanford and TED ones you really get to know what the man was all about, his philosophy or rather his essence. People will remember him for his work and Apple or Pixar but what I’ll always respect him for is not just the iPods and iPhones, instead for his drive, his sense of purpose and ability to just completely and entirely give himself to his dream.

    • Oh, absolutely! I’ve seen / heard his Standford speech and it did give me goosebumps. But I did all that after I’d been re-introduced to Apple. It wasn’t the iPods or the MacBooks Pro that made me appreciate him, but it was because of these purchases that I was introduced to Steve Jobs. And at the end of the day, if he’d just managed to sell phones or tablets, he wouldn’t have been what he was. He was far beyond. He was much, much more.
      So yeah, I agree, Rahul. Wholeheartedly.

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