Twits and their #AwesomeHandles 6.0

Damn, this one took a while!

Not to say that it took me a while to compile it, but for some reason I just couldn’t get around to blogging this edition. For almost two months. Now that’s just wrong!

How, what, when, where and why are questions that’re prolly running through your mind. This is in case you’re not yet aware of my #AweseomHandles hashtag on twitter and my previous blog posts.

As I always say, instead of going into the narrative all over again, imma just let ya go over the previous editions of Twits and their #AwesomeHandles: first edition, second edition, third edition, fourth edition and fifth edition.

Moving on, then, here’s me giving a big up to a few tweeps who helped me put this edition together –  @prempiyush,  @probabilism,  @TheHumerus,  @parthans,  @kaalicharan,  @SparklinGuy & @panku_

Thanks for your recommendations, guys! Y’all rock! =)

Okie-dokie then. Here goes the next edition of the point-oh #AwesomeHandles:

  1. @_deadphoenix
  2. @2S8
  3. @ArchDouche
  4. @bioismypassion
  5. @ceetee
  6. @chotudochai
  7. @CrypticNode
  8. @Decloned_iTaz
  9. @deleteG – updated
  10. @EvilMegamind 
  11. @fernfly 
  12. @Foolosophical_
  13. @Fraud_Mallu 
  14. @freestyleoss
  15. @funkeyguhl 
  16. @god_and_dog 
  17. @handlechange – updated
  18. @HelloMeHippy
  19. @IareVaboon
  20. @IbneBattuta 
  21. @Jack_and_Spades
  22. @Korrectamundo 
  23. @kryptonitenicky
  24. @Kuch_Bhi 
  25. @kuch_bhi_nahi 
  26. @Kuch_Nahi
  27. @LazyByDefault
  28. @ManwhoreManohar
  29. @MasalaPapad 
  30. @menhandled 
  31. @meterdalakya
  32. @oldmonklives – updated
  33. @paaaaaam 
  34. @phulkadots 
  35. @riceplatesays 
  36. @RoaringCrab 
  37. @RockIshtaar
  38. @SaafSafai 
  39. @salty_chips 
  40. @ShrootyNair
  41. @skinnylatte 
  42. @Soul_Taxi 
  43. @StrykarX 
  44. @tanejamainhoon 
  45. @TheBarBlade – updated
  46. @thebongbabe 
  47. @TheManWhoSmiles
  48. @TwiterkiMa 
  49. @XeroxRahman 
  50. @youngpikasho 

And that, boyz and gurlz, was Twits and their #AwesomeHandles 6.0.

I’m almost halfway through my 7.0 list.

If you think you have an AwesomeHandle and want to be on here, then drop in a comment below or gimme a shout on twitter: I’m @silv3rglee.

Also – these lists are compiled purely on the basis of recommendations from tweeps, so don’t hesitate to let me know as soon as you spot a funky handle and think it should make this list! It needn’t necessarily be yours, but hey, you know there are some really #AwesomeHandles out there!

So yeah, comment away! =D


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